Management Accounting Revised Edition


Management Accounting  Revised Edition is developed to enlighten the students about different types of costs, their classification and how they are ascertained. Some well-known methods such as activity-based costing, joint costing and relevant costing are described and explained with the aim to enhance the conceptual and analytical skills of students. The book also discusses other important concepts, such as budgeting,
inventory valuation, cost behaviour, transfer pricing mechanism, balanced scorecard, performance evaluation and so on.

The book is developed in a simple and easy-to-understand language. The chapters in the book comprise a detailed explanation of all the concepts along with elaborative examples. In addition to that, solved illustrations are provided at the end of each chapter for a coherent understanding of the application for various methods described in the chapters. Apart from regular exercises, case studies and multiple
choice questions are also given after each chapter to encourage students to apply theoretical knowledge and analytical skills. To help students score in their exams, a variety of examination questions are also provided.

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