Accounting for Managers


Now-a-days, accounting is not merely restricted to the recording of transactions. It serves  as the basis for the development of financial statements for an organisation. With the help of financial accounting, a business organisation aims to retrieve the relevant information
associated with the utilisation of their assets.
The Accounting for Managers book is developed to enlighten the students about important aspects of accounting. For instance, basic concepts of fixed assets, depreciation inventory accounting, fund flow, etc. Various methods to prepare financial statements such as Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and many more are discussed and explained with the help of illustrations. The book also discusses about different types of financial statements for corporates, banks, insurance companies, etc. and how these statements are prepared and analysed. The book also covers the important concepts such as cost accounting, marginal costing, standard costing, and variance analysis. In short, the Accounting for Managers book will help the students in acquiring knowledge of accounting to not only interpret company’s financial statement but also  make key business decisions.
The book is developed in a simple and easy-to-understand language. The chapters in the book comprise detailed explanation of all the concepts of along with elaborative examples. In addition to that, solved illustrations are provided at the end of each chapter for a coherent understanding of the application for various methods described in the chapters. Every chapter of this Accounting for Managers book has been created to  stimulate and magnify the students’ understanding.

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Anuj Verma,

Nitin Saxena


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